Baby Talks Effortlessly on the Phone

It never gets better than this. Watch this adorable little girl chatting effortlessly with her dad over the telephone.


During the conversation, she keeps calling her dad as Papa despite a 3rd party(presumably the grandpa) egging her on make use of the word dad. She tells her dad that she loves and misses him and strikes various poses throughout the conversation.

The Advantages Of Organic Baby Clothes

When considering whether or not organic baby clothes are better than conventional baby clothes, you should answer yes every time. Motivating factor behind getting non-organic clothes is usually that you will spend less money on commercial brands.

Since organic clothes are much more durable, is it really cheaper to get the cheaper kind? We will now cover some of the most impressive benefits of organic baby clothes so you can be better informed on this matter.


One cause of health problems in babies is allergies. Infants are much more susceptible to allergies, more so than adults are by quite a wide range. So if they have a certain fabric touched their skin, they may be sensitive to it, or any number of allergens in the air they breathe.

Conventional baby clothes are treated with lots of different chemicals, making it very likely that one or more of these will cause an allergic reaction. Since chemicals are not used with organic baby clothes, your child is less likely to have a reaction when wearing them. This greatly reduces the chances of an allergic reaction. If you want to protect your baby from allergic reactions, this type of fabric is the way to go.

Healthier, more comfortable clothing will be your baby's reward when you choose to buy organic baby clothes instead of regular clothing. If you want your baby to be comfortable in their clothes, however, you have to make sure they fit properly.

The tendency parents have is to buy baby clothes larger than the baby needs at the present time so the baby can wear them longer. What you must avoid at all costs is buying garments that are much too large for the baby. This will not be comfortable for the baby any more than ones that are too tight.

If the material in a garment is excessive and it folds up around the baby, the baby can become too warm and/or develop skin irritations. So, you can easily see, that it is probably OK to buy a garment that has a little room to allow for your baby's growth, but it's better to buy clothes that fit properly.

Some parents may be concerned that organic baby clothes are too hard to find, or that they can only be found in expensive specialty stores. Most definitely, things have changed, and this is certainly not how it is.

Since organic natural clothing has gained in popularity, mostly due to parents understanding the benefits, it is now readily available virtually everywhere. Organic baby clothing is simple enough to find on the Internet.

You can also search Amazon to find these types of products for immediate purchase on their store. Slowly, mainstream stores are making it more available at their many locations. More than likely, finding organic baby clothes will not be that hard, especially if you are serious about getting them for your child.

These reasons we've given you for buying organic baby clothes are just a few of the benefits to you and your baby. This is a choice that is good for both your infant and the environment. Even though you have to pay more for organic baby clothing, the life of the clothing is longer and they can be reused for other children. As you, and other enlightened parents, take this step, the demand for organic baby clothes will increase and the prices will adjust downwards.

Charlie is the baby, and Harry is the slightly older big brother. They seem to get along like a house on fire-- that is, when Harry isn't tempting fate by sticking his finger all into Charlie's mouth to bite.